Code and Finger Print Door Lock

Professionally trained Commercial Locksmith Service ready to help you go keyless with a unique fingerprint lock ideal for every home and office. The latest Go Keyless door lock with fingerprint algorithm that allow doors to open one second after proper identification. With its simple design, enrollment can be done within 5 seconds. Keypad available as an alternative for the young and senior family members. With the practical function module, Our KeyLess Locks can fully fit routine access management. The reversible handle feature fully meets the DIY installation requirement. Furthermore, Our Keyless locks utilizes TI chip for lower power consumption. This ensures that a door can be opened 15,000 times with just 4 AA batteries.

Commercial Locks & Keys


We know how to take care of your business.

You have a problem and we can fix it.  The last thing you want your staff worrying about is how to pay for the work when it is done.  SkyHi Services can bill your business later so your staff can get back to what they do best, taking care of your clients. Getting a business account setup with us is easy and hassle free.

Service Multiple Locations with Just One Call

SkyHi Services can service all of your business locations with standardized equipment, policies and pricing all with just one call.  Stop worrying about which locksmith to use for each location and let our certified experts take care of you.

We Can Manage Work Order Policies

SkyHi Services can manage the policies of who can order service and work at your business.

Standardized pricing for your business

Because SkyHi Services can service all your business locations our staff can help cut your costs and keep your prices standardized by using the same hardware, service and labor fees.

Warranty Work

All our work is backed by our standard warranties to ensure your job is done right the first time.  And if that were not enough, you can even purchase added protection for long term peace of mind if you choose.